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 ​For over 20 years Countywide Exteriors has been providing the residents of San Antonio TX with quality exterior products. Some of the products we specialize in are James Hardie cement fiber board, mastic vinly siding, stucco, stone and brick. Siding is one of the most important aspects on the commercial and residential buildings.​ It can make the difference and add value to your home upon resale. 

 There are 3 main reasons to apply siding to your home.

  • Upgrade and Modernize:
​          Siding is available in a variety of sizes and colors. Add stone skurting to the perimeter of your home or fish scale siding. Make your home stand out in your neighborhood by upgrading and modernizing your exterior products . Different types and colors of siding can be used to put together the perfect look for your home. 

  • Energy Efficiency/Savings
           Install one of are many insulated wall panels. James Hardie cement fiber board, impervious to termites.  Which means to never have to replace bad or rotted wood, Or install mastic insolated vinly siding and cut down on the heating and cooling cost and never having to paint your home again.

  • Professional Installation
           At Countywide exteriors, certified installation is a must. All installers must go through a rigorous two year apprenticeship   training program before being concidered certified. And lastly complete your full energy efficient package by installing energy effient windows by our certified installers.

Comes in a variety of metals, styles, and colors. It is most often associated with modern, industrial, and retro buildings. Utilitarian buildings often use corrugated galvanized steel sheet siding or cladding.

The mastic home exteriors new no face, no distortion, richest, darkest colors yet are now available.
​Thye carry advanced protection against the intense and UV rays of the sun which over time can take a toll on the home exteriors. They cause color to fade over time in results can damage panels when those rays are concentrated. The new proprietary formulation of reflective ingredients is designed to significantly reduce heat absorption. Protection so effective with the strongest warranty against fading and heat distortion in the industry.

​                                       Advanced protection against  fade and distortions.
​                                                       SolarDefense Reflective Technology

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